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Giveway road markings
Give way to traffic on a major road - can also be used at a mini roundabout

Giveway Mini roundabout
Give way to traffic from the right at a mini roundabout

Giveway Roundabout
Give way to traffic from the right at a roundabout
Stop Line
Stop line at signals or police control

Stop Line Pedestrian Crossings
Stop line for pedestrians at a
level crossing

Stop Line Road Marking
Stop line at a Stop sign

Centre Road Marking
A broken white line marks the centre of the road

Hazard Ahead Road Marking
Longer broken white lines in the centre of the road indicate a hazard ahead. Never cross a hazard warning line unless you are certain it is safe.

Double Solid Road Line
A double solid white lines in the centre of the road mean that overtaking is prohibited in either direction.

No Overtaking Road Line
No overtaking for vehicles traveling on the left-hand side of the road.

Overtaking Allowed Road Line
If traveling in the left-hand lane then you may overtake if safe to do so.

Diagonal Hatching
Diagonal hatching - this is used to separate lanes of traffic and to protect vehicles waiting to turn off the road. If the are is bordered by a broken white line you can enter it, but only if it necessary and safe to do so: if it is bounded by a solid white line then you must not enter it except in an emergency.

Road Edge Line
An edge line. This marks the left-hand side of the carriagewway.

Single Yellow Line
A single yellow indicates no waiting or parking during times shown. The times shown will be on a sign near-by.

Double Yellow Line
A double yellow line indicates no waiting or parking at anytime.

Waiting Limited
Waiting or parking is limited to the duration specified during the days and times shown.

Reserved Doctor Road marking
Parking space reserved for vehicles named.

Loading Bay
Loading bay - keep clear.

Keep Clear Road marking
Keep clear - do not block this part of the road.

Bus Lane
Bus lane. You must not drive in a bus lane during its period of operation unless otherwise indicated by a sign. You may enter a bus lane to stop, to load or unload where this is not prohibited.

Bus stop. You must not park or stop at a bus stop.

Giveway Road Marking
Warning of a Give way ahead.

Box Junction
Box Junction

Roundabout Direction Road Markings
Lane arrows indicating which lane you need to get into at a roundabout. These are often accompanied by road numbers and place names.

School No Waiting Lines
School entrance. No waiting or stopping.