Driving Test Success PRACTICAL HOME --- MAIN MENU One-way Roads One-way roads and systems are increasingly being seen in town and city centres. Whenever you enter a one-way road or system, you must travel in the direction shown by the blue-and-white signs.

Look out for contra-flow lanes, as these may allow cyclists or buses to travel against the one-way flow towards you. Other than these, however, you should not have to worry about on-coming traffic, although there is always the possibility that you will encounter someone driving the wrong way down the one-way road.

Drive in the most appropriate lane for the direction you intend to take at the end of the one-way system: use the left hand lane if you intend to turn left or straight on, and the right-hand lane if you intend to turn right.

When turning right off a one-way street, position you car well to the right as soon as possible.

You are allowed to overtake on the left, so take care, as traffic could be passing you on either side.

You must not reverse in a one-way road other than to manoeuvre normally. It is an offense to reverse any further than necessary, so you may not reverse through a one-way section to take a short-cut.

Look out for sign indicating the end of a one-way system and make sure you return to the correct side of the road when exited the system.
One Way Street Road Sign
One-way street road sign.