Driving Test Success PRACTICAL HOME --- MAIN PAGEDriving In Strong Winds Strong wind can make driving hazardous. It can offer direct danger, strong gusts of wind can affect your vehicle's handling and steering; and indirect danger, by blowing down trees and causing other debris on to the road.

In serve windy conditions, it is always advisable to drive only if absolutely necessary to do so, but if you must drive:

Take the safest, most sheltered route. Avoid roads with lots of trees.
Grip your steering wheel firmly throughout your journey. Strong winds are not consistent. Your car can be engulfed by a powerful gust of wind suddenly and without warning. All kinds of debris, from litter to tree branches can cause hazards in strong wind, so be watchful of such debris as it jostles around. To help give you a wide field of vision, keep a good distance away from any vehicle in front. Other vehicles, reacting to strong gusts and road debris, may themselves become a hazard, so keep a close eye on any that are near to you, especially if they are high-sided. Reduce your speed. This will allow you more time to deal with any handling or steering issuers caused by strong gusts of wind. When overtaking cyclists, motorcyclists and any high-sided vehicle, always give them room than you normally would, as strong wind can blow them from side-to-side and potentially into your path.